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Since 2006 we have built a reputation for integrity and quality. Times and technology change, but our focus on honest service does not. Founded in Kenya at a time when telecommunication was budding, Outsource Technique Limited identified a gap in the industry – the lack of  local talent and local solutions for an industry demanding world class services. It was this edge that pulled OTL from the crowd and it remains the reason  why repeat customers make up a substantial part of our business. The scope of our operations is countrywide.The confidence that the job will be done right retains our customers and encourages them to come back with referrals. We deliver quality work, on time, on budget—every time. And we remain on-task for follow-up.


Along the way, OTL has put together expert staff retaining the of the best in the field who specialize in getting problems solved. Clients get back to us all the time about how pleased they are with the knowledgeable service, energy and customer-friendly attitude of our team.


OTL since inception has been providing the leading telecommunications provider with prompt service , continually meeting its demand for 99% equipment availability and a response time of  15 minutes. Our excellence in providing  electrical services has ensured OTL remains a great partner for  international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) allowing us access to the latest technology and support.


Another reason OTL has been and  will be in business for years to come  is our  forward-thinking. Experience doesn’t mean we are rigid or attached to outdated ideas, it means we have the foresight and that we continually keep in touch with the dynamic trends in technology and service delivery. Whether it’s the latest in installations or safety measures, we keep an eye on what’s next in our field ensuring we are the best bet for our clients.

Company Profile

Company Profile

HVAC Profile

HVAC Profile

Business Profile

Business Profile

Our Values

Our Values

Our values determine how we treat our people, clients, and partners. They define who we are and how we do our job. They help us work together in the most effective  and efficient way.

Our values are:


  • Commitment to excellence, quality and innovation
  • Development of long-term relationships with customers and employees
  • Conduct business in a responsible and sustainable way
  • Value and respect the contribution of team members
  • Encourage collaboration in every action
  • Maintain company principles with strong emphasis on team effort.



OTL’s prime objective is to offer a World Class Customer Service.We achieve this by investing in Innovation and modern technology. Making quality and excellence hallmarks of the way we do business. We attracting and motivating the right team for you with a strong emphasis on safety.

Professional Management Systems

Being fully aware of our corporate responsibilities and in order to ensure the highest level of professionalism in the day to day running of the company, OTL has a number of Management Systems in place. They include a Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Programme, Safety Management System, and Environmental Protection Systems.

Safety Culture and Safety Systems

BSafety is of the highest importance to our company as we not only believe that Health and Safety of our employees is of the highest importance it is our commitment to ensure that after work every employee goes home to their family and friends in same health that they came to work. OTL is committed in the development of safety systems, hazard identification and risk management.
OTL recognizes the importance of Occupational Health and Safety systems and undertake job safety analysis and hazard identification as a mandatory step prior to undertaking any work. Our staffs are experienced in establishing site safety policies and site inductions throughout various industries.
OTL employees are trained to be able to participate in Job Safety and conduct Hazard Identification checks.
OTL provides a commitment to setting up site safety policies as an integral step into the safe completion of the project. These policies will be communicated to all team members and sub-contractors for sign off to ensure a safe and successful completion of all work.
Due to the inherent risks involved in the electrical industry we are committed in continuous training of all OTL employees from the CEO to the field employees and office staff in First Aid. To identify the risks and develop risk management strategies OTL will use one of our experienced safety advisors to work with the project manager and the engineers during the pre-construction period. Our joint experiences have shown that whilst developing the work methodology is essential the establishments of safe work practices are an important consideration. This then leads to the development of risk management strategies that provides the basis for the safety culture onsite and drives all of the JSA’s(Job safety Analysis) and hazard identification checks during the construction period.
OTL is a leader in the enforcement of a drug and alcohol policy. The policy is enforced to ensure no employees are impaired whilst at work.


Outsource Technique Ltd is committed to developing and maintaining our ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Management System. The consistent application of the quality system will be a demonstration of the company’s commitment to compliance. The main objectives of the quality system are to:


• Provide products and service matching business and customer needs.
• Develop and maintain close liaison and good working relationships with clients.
• Promote an environment of continuous improvement in all aspects of the company’s operations

Our Staff

Our Engineers and technicians are highly trained and experienced in the field of Electrical Engineering with the soft skills required to engage in a professional manner with our clients. Our  Technical sales and Marketing team is available online and in person to address and respond to  the needs of our customers. They act as the link between OTL and the customer.


Our personnel are trained and equipped to carry out works to the satisfaction of each individual client no matter how small or big. We believe in providing our clients with personalised services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


We have a wealth of experience in contracting from BTS sites, small residential houses, housing estates, commercial buildings, factories and industrial plants.


Outsource technique Limited is the appointed local distribution partner for:-