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Why use otl?

We give our clients a dedicated team for their project. Our staff and senior employees have experience in working on major projects with strict deadlines and tight time frames. Our teams pride themselves on being able to meet all challenges and excel above and beyond the norm. As such their knowledge of their trades is unmatched and the pride that they show in each and every job is easy to see. The safety of all our team members is the key driver to our business and therefore we have established safety benchmarks that we can confidently proclaim will set us ahead of the rest. All of our team members are encouraged to make a valuable contribution and all have an equal opportunity to propose alternative work methods to achieve a more efficient method of completing the project.

  • We are proud of our long association with prominent local companies.
  • We continue to provide electrical services, tailored to their requirements, which are second to none.
  • Whether it is a casual enquiry or an emergency call out we can do it, saving local industry and commerce customers considerable down time ensuring productivity is maintained.
  • All our engineers are well qualified and able to undertake a wide range of electrical installations throughout a variety of different types of buildings. Use our resources to solve your problems and you will not be sorry.
  • Our machine breakdown/electrical failure experience and response time is second to none, covering a diverse spectrum of distribution assemblies and circuit arrangements.
  • We are reliable and do arrive when we say we will arrive.
  • You can depend on us.
  • We are approved and authorized to conduct electrical inspections and tests to installations and appliances to ERC Requirements. Class A1
  • Enhance each other’s growth and profitability
  • A commitment to seeing that both partners come out as winners
  • Offer a more secure and complete solution to customers

We have been around and intend, with our customers’ continued support, to be here a lot longer still, providing the kind of service we feel our customers’ deserve. Your electrical services are safe in our hands. If prospective new clients wish to receive additional details of our services, or references as to the standard of work and service we provide, this can be arranged on request.


Safaricom Thika Data Center

Since 2008, we have been offering maintenance services for Safaricom mobile switch rooms (MSR),media gateways/soft switch stations(MGW/MSS) and major Hub sites power and plant services. Outsource Technique ltd was contracted to carry out maintenance services to all Safaricom mobile switch rooms(MSR) countrywide


Geothermal Development Company

Menengai geothermal prospect is approximately 210km from Nairobi. The power substation was expected to serve the power needs for high-lift water pumping station and boreholes pumps.


IBM Africa

In the year 2013 Outsource Technique ltd was contracted to supply install and commission cooling system( chiller),data center racks including accessories (PDUs,busbars),stabilizer,power boards the IBM research center datacenter (located in CUEA,Karen)


Client Name

Past & Ongoing Projects

  • Maintenance Contract for ALL MSRs country wide – All
  • Electrical and Air-Conditioning equipment,
  • Maintenance Contract for BTS sites Country wide,
  • BTS Power Support(All Electrical, Communication and Air-conditioning Equipment)
  • Small Projects, Supplies e.g. of APS, Dual Generator Control Panels, e.t.c and Installations in MSRs
  • Supply and Install Chiller Systems and Air Conditioning Units for Thika Safaricom Data Centre and Maintenance during DLP
  • Contract for Installation of Automated Meter readers in Sites Across the Country
  • Power Upgrade at Webuye and Ritongo: Supply, Installation and commissioning of Cahngeover Panels, Cables and others.
  • Supply of Boards for Safaricom Hub Sites
  • Contract for Installation of Automated Meter readers in Sites Across the Country
  • Design, Supply Construction and Commissioning of Power Substation at Menengai, Nakuru
  • Supply and Install Chiller Systems and Racks at IBM Africa Research Centre at Catholic University and Maintenance
  • Supply, Install 630KVA Automatic Voltage Stabiliser at IBM Africa Research Centre at Catholic University and Maintenance
  • Power and Airconditioning Installations for GE/MOH Radiology Equipment in L4 – L6 Hospitals Country wide
  • Supply and Install 630KVA Automatic Voltage Stabiliser at NHC EPS Factory at Mavoko
  • Supply and delivery of 12V/170AH Enersys Powersafe SBS Batteries to Telkom Kenya
  • Supply, Installation, Training and Commissioning of 42No.