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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Outsource Technique Limited provides timely, professional service for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment within the hotel, leisure, retail and commercial sectors of industry.
Our services include, planned and reactive maintenance tailored to your building management system and our specific business needs. WE have invested in the latest equipment to ensure we accurately diagnose and report the problem prior to repair.

OTL workmanship is of the highest standard and compliant with current legislation and energy standards. It is estimated that Kenyans spend an additional USD 50 to USD 100 on electricity every year because of the equipment and appliances that they use. While most contractors will look at the initial purchase cost of the appliances, OTL will advise on the long term cost not only has a direct economic cost, but also to the environment, through carbon emissions….The higher the efficiency rating, the greater the energy savings.

Outsource has vast experience in :
Package Units:

  • Thru-wall air conditioner
  • Package Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)
  • Package Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP)



  • Air conditioner
  • Furnace
  • Heat Pumps
  • Packaged, split, mini-split
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF)

Electrical Installations

Our core business is Electrical Installations. This is where OTL excels. We work on commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial projects. Under this scope, our services have included power & lighting control panels, lighting, power and data cable management control systems[change-over], instrumentation, motor controls for packaging productions lines, emergency lighting, fire alarm installation and testing and periodic inspection and testing. With beaming references, there is a direct relationship between the nature and quality of the products we use and the service we provide and the requirements of our clients. We maintain and grow our business by ensuring our team is competent and qualified while maintaining a work culture of self-management, efficient communication and a deep body of knowledge. Whether the electrician is working alone or in a team the individual takes on a high level of personal responsibility and autonomy.

From working to provide a safe and reliable electrical installation and maintenance service, in accordance with relevant standards, through to diagnosing malfunctions, programming and commissioning home and commercial building automation systems, paying attention to detail every step in the process matters and mistakes are largely irreversible, costly and potentially life threatening.


OUTSOURCE TECHNIQUE LIMITED is a proud partner of the world leader in stored energy solutions, EnerSys. Together we provide integrated energy solutions for all types of markets and industries in the East African Region. Storage batteries are the heart of all off-grid and back-up wind/PV or inverter electrical systems. Their function is to balance the outgoing electrical requirements with the incoming power supply.
We now have battery solutions for the East African Community in the following areas


    Warehouses and distribution centers need reliable power to keep workers productive and operations running at peak performance.

    Whether you’re running one lift truck or a whole fleet, a single-shift operation or multiple shifts, we have the right battery and charger solution for your operation.

    Industrial Utility Vehicles (IUVs) used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Require batteries with reliable power, ,high energy throughput – up to 180% ,long maintenance-free life cycle – up to 1,200 cycles at 60% Depth of Discharge (DOD). Extreme shock and vibration resistance, Eco-friendly performance; minimal gassing. Ideal for multi-shift operations and performance.

    The Hawker Aviation Battery technology was developed for military applications that required high performance, low maintenance, and long life. Completely sealed and virtually maintenance free.
    No Thermal sensors required and an Altitude rating: –15,000ft to 70,000ft / –4,572m to 21,336m.
    As a local partner OTL provided a turn-key solution for the Aviation Industry in Kenya.

    Directed energy weapons send out energy, rather than projectiles, in a targeted direction to achieve a desired result. This technology can be used in military applications. Directed energy weapon technology requires reliable battery power for precise control.
    OTL is also equipped to install

    When life and health depend on standby power, healthcare professionals require highly reliable energy solutions. OTL provides the highest energy density for weight sensitive applications, long cycle life for demanding requirements and integrated battery monitoring and charging circuits.

  • RAIL
    Just like an automobile, locomotive diesel engines and rolling stock cars need a battery to start and to provide electrical power for lights and controls when the engine is not running. Reliable rail transportation depends on reliable battery power. We offer standby batteries that are used for signaling, communications, and electro-mechanical control where total reliability is required.

    The EnerSys range of batteries for solar panels, wind turbines and water turbines applications have been specially designed to provide high cycling performance and a safe, uninterrupted supply of energy. The stored energy solutions are environmentally-friendly, economical and meet technical demands for solar as well as other renewable energy sources.

    ENERSYS batteries are ideally suited for a wide range of wireline and wireless telecom applications, including central office and outside plant.
    You may use standby power for substation switchgear equipment to protect the network and provides the ability to control power in order to perform maintenance. We have a full range of stationary vented lead acid (VLA), valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries for electric utility switchgear applications.

  • USES

  • • Airport Ground Support Equipment
    • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
    • Forklifts & Pallet Trucks

  • • Floor Care/Cleaning Machines
    • Industrial Utility Vehicles/Personnel Carriers
    • Mining Equipment

  • • Aircraft & Helicopters
    • Aircraft Ejection Seats
    • Satellites & Launch Vehicles
    • Target Drones
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

  • • Aircraft & Helicopters
    • Combat, Tactical & Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UAV)
    • Directed Energy Weapons
    • Electronic Fuzing for Munitions
    • Microgrids & Forward Operating Bases (FOB)
    • Missiles & Smart Weapons
    • Soldier Portable Power
    • Submarines & Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV

  • • Medical Devices
    • Medical Standby Power

  • • Rail Engine Start & Rolling Stock
    • Rail Equipment
    • Rail Signal


  • • Solar / PV Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Hydro Power

  • • Alarm & Security
    • Cable TV (CATV)
    • Electric Utility/Switchgear
    • Emergency Lighting
    • General Electronics & Instrumentation
    • Generator Starting Batteries
    • Information Technology
    • Nuclear
    • Telecom
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • Utility/Energy Storage




From the beginning, OTL has taken great pride in providing the highest quality structured network cabling and communication systems that is reliable and efficient.
In today’s dynamic technologically advanced world we fully understand how crucial your network cabling services are to the vitality and profitability of your business.
Our Services Cover:
1. Network, Structured Cabling Services & Fiber Optics
2. Network Cabling Installation
3. Structured Cabling Services
4. Fiber Optic Installation, Fiber Optic Testing & Optical Fiber Solutions
5. Design & Build Solutions
6. Cat 6 Wiring
7. Utilizing Existing Cabling Systems
8. A/V Cabling
9. Security Camera Wiring

We guarantee all of work to be:
 Precise, clean, organized and simplified.
 Carefully planned and explored, delivering the safest, strongest connections on each end.
 Meticulous. Attention to detail leaves each of our customers confident with their new or updated structured cabling system.

Each of our certified networks cabling installation technicians understand the importance of customer satisfaction.
We help companies communicate quickly and more efficiently. Advancements in technology have changed the way companies do business. Data transmission and information sharing is crucial, therefore a professional structured cabling service is needed in order for all types of businesses to communicate with clients, shareholders, and, most importantly, clients.
We view your structured cabling system as the heart and soul of your business. We install structured cabling service for new office buildings, schools, hospitals and industrial plants.


The field of TELECOMMUNICATIONS and ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING is relatively new and dynamic in the country. Outsource Technique has over the past decade had a record for the most professional services in this field. With a demanding client base with critical systems that require undoubted expertise came a HR Outsourcing Service.
OTL has worked with leading companies such as NOKIA to perfect Employee engagement. It is now widely accepted that Human Resource Management is an important factor in achieving performance in the workplace.
Our HR program does not just purely on engagement, but puts into consideration employee wellbeing. This guidance service by OTL is designed to provide employers and managers with a tool that can help build a sustainable employee engagement, using a framework of manager behaviors based on thorough research evidence.
At OTL employee engagement is defined as follows: ‘Being focused in what you do (thinking), positive self-image in your role and the organisation (feeling), and acting in a way that demonstrates commitment to the organisational values and objectives (acting).
Employee engagement has been found to impact positively on productivity, profitability and safety. At the individual level, engaged employees are likely to have lower intention to leave and absence rates than their non-engaged peers and to experience higher job (and life) satisfaction.
Our HR OUTSOURCE program follows the following activities to ensure your company has the best technical team at your service:

  • We understand your technical needs and can define them accurately in a Job Description Schedule
  • We engage Potential employees for you.
  • We hire.
  • We train
  • We place